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Vision is not just about matching an idea with resources to shape the future -

it's about how our perspective of the present is shaped

by how ideas and resources either came together or did not

in the past.

Photographers share their vision

by marrying the past, present, and future

with light and shadow.

They know life

like moments

like light

like relationships

is fleeting


they journal

by shooting their morning coffee steam

dialing into their news feed

snapping their daily commute

freezing their coworkers jetting out the door to lunch

slowing down their rush hour traffic home

and seizing the sunset from their bedroom windows.

Photographers understand

that even though we can't control the way matter moves

we can at least control the way light bounces off of it.

And that is true vision.

"Reflecting On Love" - (Back when I believed I had vision while living in the North Valley, Albuquerque, NM)

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