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The Most Appropriate Technology

The Camera is a technology

that has evolved

from a sealed cardboard box

with a small hole

to draw with light

to a series that encodes digital images and videos through semiconductor sensors and stores them for later reproduction.

While some photographers

invest in the glass of tomorrow

because they think it's the only way

they will shoot to their greatest potential,

others think the industry is all planned


But whether you believe

in all the bells and whistles or not

the function of your camera

will always be the same

and that's to position it

in the right place

at the right time

to tell a story that goes beyond

time and place.

With the rise of the smartphone

cameras have become not only the most accessible technology

in our modern world

for creating and sharing


but it has also become the most effective:

your pictures are worth more

than a 1000 words -

they are worth all of the innovation

that has created

a multi-billion dollar industry

a culture of reflective humans


an artform that will never die.

Loving life and photography at the pier at Cienfuegos, Cuba - Jan 2020

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