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Success Should Be A By-Product Of Doing What You Love

In a thriving economy

success should be a by-product

of doing what you love

but doing what you love

is now a luxury

at a time when the value

we bring to the world

is put into one of two categories:




Would you consider photography

being "essential" or "non-essential" business?

How about being a local bureaucrat

who gets a comfy paycheck dropped into his account

every 2 weeks

for working on his ass

in the comfort

and sense of security

of his own home?

Taking photos

of what is happening in the world

and sharing it with my peers and friends

provides me with more of a sense of purpose

than researching legislation

that will most likely

not ever be acted upon.


unlike bureaucracy

keeps me getting out of the house,

hitting the streets,

finding new ways of looking at the world,


exploring innovative ways to (socially) connect

with people.

Right now it the only time

I will have the luxury

to see what it might be like

to earn a living off of photography

without experiencing the challenges behind it -

so damn it

I'm gonna shoot for it.

"My Car: My Cubicle (Of Choice)" - West of Downtown Albuquerque

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