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Shoot For It

Photography can be a social tool

if you get the voice out of your head

and actually use it out on the streets.

It's strange to think

how such a complex machine

can be used leverage such a simple human embrace

but every human being is looking for an excuse

to connect

an opportunity to make eye contact

and hold it

a single word

that can blossom

into a long-term relationship.

Deep down inside all of us

everyone wants to be seen

in the best light,

photographed, and

shared with the world.

The streets provide the photographer

a perfect social venue

to reach out to strangers

even when the world is in the midst of an epidemic -

no matter how dark everything appears to be.

Most photographers think street photography

and studio portrait photography are mutually exclusive

but the best moments are captured

when you combine the two.

There is a socially responsible way

to embrace each other from a distance

and photographers have the upper hand:

so if you are equipped with this tool

go ahead

and shoot for it.

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