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Your lenses are like your eyes -

you need to keep them nice and clean

to see the world the way you want.

And life is like light

in that the more present you are

the more you will soak up.

But emotional intelligence isn't like ISO -

cranking it up won't just give you noise -

it's going to have a huge impact

on how you continue to perceive the world around you.

Are you going to let people in

past your shutter?

Are you going to let them shed light

on your meter?

Are you going to under-

or over-

expose yourself?

We are all afraid of the way our moments

are going to be developed

and that's why we change our settings

and dial in our sensitivity.

But life

like whatever we are shooting each day

is not just what zips in front of our viewfinder -

it's how we react to it.

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