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Higher Power

What does a photographer do

on days when the world

looks so bleak?

When memorable moments

stop jumping out at you?

When the histogram looks flat?

When you can't see the difference between light

and dark?

When even the mundane

can't save you?

Those are the times

when we realize

we take light

and the chaos of our cities

for granted.

Cities naturally shuffle the deck

for us photographers

so when they shut down

because of a pandemic or a natural disaster

photographers don't have the luxury of having their subjects

constantly being shuffled.

Streets don't automatically tick

according to the Rule of Thirds

and they don't ask you if you need more light

so it's up to photographers to account for the difference.

So the next time you are out there

and everything seems to be lining up

don't credit yourself

for being able to capture a beautiful moment -

credit a higher power

that enabled that moment to happen in the first place.

Getting Pulled Over For Being A Badass - APD Substation, 2019

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