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Dished Out Moments

Cities are conveyor belts of content

flowing past you

on the street

in your car

at the park -

do you have the habit

of having your camera at hand

to keep up with this endless stream?

They are factory lines of moments

dished up for street photographers

but shooters who are looking for more depth

need to be willing to set up shop and

dig into a neighborhood

to get to know the true


There's a reason

cities have so many eyes

on the street:

it's because the street is the most striking

feature of our built environment.

It's all about preempting what we want to see

and visualizing what we want to capture

when it comes to street photography.

The closer our vision comes to reality

the longer our photography will last.

2018 Throwback at the Two Way Street Studio on 4th and Central - ABQ, NM

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