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This morning I'm cruising around in my car

listening to a podcast on "Disastertising"

while snapping photos of all the big box stores

whose monolithic signs

are the only form of advertising in the urban built environment

that still exists.

But as I listen and as I shoot

I realize that McDonalds, Walmart, and Dominos

are not the only ones using disastertising

to make it through this pandemic -

we all are -

on social media,

in our daily blogs,

and even at our households -

small business owners,

freelance creatives,

single mothers -

we all are

leveraging disaster

to drive attention

to our websites,

to our pages,

to our inboxes,

to our bank accounts.

So is it wrong

to be using disastertising

right now?

I think not -

because after all

it's really just

business as usual.

Campers parked outside of the Walmart in Socorro, New Mexico

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